Web Hosting Services in Rwanda

Web Hosting Services in Rwanda

UNITECH is the best web hosting company based in Kigali, Rwanda. It houses several web servers and release swift web hosting services making your website visible. Do not confuse web hosting with domain hosting because both are same.


At UNITECH we have a range of hosting services assisting you and your business to commence digitally in no time. We have plans suitable for your business complexity. We emphasize in making your website visible in world wide web. What sets us apart is the reliable hosting solution and affordable price.

With UNITECH, you can feel confident that you will be getting the uninterrupted flow of data in your website. Our extensive range of web service includes everything ensuring online presence. We serve you with WordPress website hosting, Virtual Private Server, Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting, Virtual Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.


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With our Service, You can Reap

  • Exclusive and fastest hosting experience.
  • Readily available support and knowledgeable team 24/7/365 days.
  • Mobile hosting team on your service as per your location.
  • Risk free, ultra-reliable hosting services.
  • Visible ranking website in search engines.
  • Software updating, security and increased bandwidth
  • Cloud and dedicated servers
  • Cheap and Affordable in pricing, flexible and customizable web hosting plans.


Under the domain hosting services of Binary IT  there comes software updating, security and increased bandwidth supporting your business site. In addition to this, the web hosting service of As per review of our clients, UNITECH is affordable, flexible, customizable, hosting provider and maintains privacy and provides reliable service with full security.