Web Development

Web Development

UNITECH is the leading web development company in Kigali, Rwanda offering Top quality services to small and medium businesses. Web Development is the programming or coding which allows website functionality as per owner’s requirement. In general words, it deals with black and white coding rather than the designing area. It involves the creation of plain text pages to complex web applications. Web development includes client-side coding, server-side coding and database technology.

Web Development is associated with building websites for hosting on internet. Web Development comprises of web designing, web content management & development, website security configuration and client-side/server-side scripting.

Web Designing is a component of Web Development. Web Development governs code and is segregated into two categories back end and front end. The server-side or back end portion of Web Development deals with data management within the database while the front-end deals in the layout and visual portion of any website.


“We develop websites of any enterprises to maximize the credibility”


UNITECH develops a website which brings in the revolution to the usual business function. We have front-end, back-end, and full-stack developer. We have creative and experienced developers who will assist you in developing your ideas into a reality. UNITECH Developers are experienced personnel who work in platforms like Drupal, Magento, Word Press, NETO, Open Cart and Web Commander. Our developing team performs the following task when proceeding with the Web Development work.

  • Website Design: Self-manageable, technical and functional websites are developed. The developers make sure the developed websites are not only functional in pc’s but also look equally beautiful in any devices and screen size.
  • E-commerce Web Design: We can easily build e-commerce websites which are scalable in nature and which allows your e-store to stay ahead in the competition.
  • Responsive Web page: Incredible performance and great usability are the two major components focused by our developers. Onlooking your requirement we develop websites ensuring easy accessibility.
  • CMS Solution: We make sure to organize your information with higher analytics, flexibility, and control. We offer a tailor-made solution for easy incorporation which allows you to understand, manage and feed in accurate information.

How we proceed with Website Development?

  • Planning: One should have a picture in their mind about the work process. Keeping this in mind, we carefully outline the website pattern. We wholly understand the client’s requirement and accordingly formulate content plan, architecture information with the flexible user experience. We come up with detailed project plan with an estimated period to help you achieve your organizational objectives.
  • Concept: Our designing team makes a rough sketch of the designs based on organizational requirement and suitability. We do keep an eye on the branding portion so we make sure your brand and design so well with the outcome of the website.
  • Development: We make sure to fill in all the provided information with images, graphics or videos. While we are working on your website portion we make sure you get a viable knowledge with the development process, therefore, we provide a demo URL after completion of the website in case you want some modification in your website.
  • We Go Live: After your approval for the website our team will make the website live. Even after going live we make several tests to make sure the website is working properly and is accessible in every kind of device and screen size. After everything is checked we will train you to cover basic functions of the website.
  • Support team: Even after we deliver a website, we are 24/7 available to assist you. We offer several comprehensive and basic maintenance packages to keep your website steady.

To know more about our Web Development service, kindly contact us at +250 788 310 105 or email us at info@unitech.rw. Our representatives will help you immediately!