Virtualization Technology

Virtualization Technology

UNITECH provides Virtual Technology & Virtual Machine Software to save your money and time on investing in hardware, and software. UNITECH minimizes the requirement of physical infrastructure and optimize the IT overhead by virtualizing your entire IT section. We deliver you customize service package in the following:

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualisation allows in operating of user application and operating system from a centralized server. UNITECH believes in rationalizing in desktop support by offering resource intensive software roll outs with VMWARE, PCoIP and Teradici protocol with thin computing experience.

Server Virtualization

We rationalize the cost and enhance flexibility by consolidating your servers. Our 7 years’ experience with VMWARE and ESX has allowed us to customise and identify right solution for your business. We offer you remote application solution to high ends solution with the use of EMC technology.

Application Virtualization

Application virtualization allows mobility, reliability and cost redundancies. If you are a large-scale industry you probably know the issue of software licenses and application conflict. Application virtualization ease your application management liberalizing your business operation.

We serve you with

  • Desktop and server virtualization for both new and existing business.
  • Protection of sensitive information in data centers.
  • Low-level PC maintenance.
  • Automatic updating of software.
  • Protection of hardware from getting crashed.
  • Saves energy.
  • Cost Rationalization.
  • Platform to use less number of servers.
  • Automatic updating of PC.
  • Customized service suiting business requirement.
  • 24/7/365 days of service.
  • For queries and service detail Contact Us.