Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

UNITECH provides you managed clouds services comprising high security, more bandwidth, and more storage space. This application immensely helps your customers to find out about your business. Our managed cloud solution service is tailored and user-friendly.  With fast backup and recovery options, Cloud is really advantageous for any organization having a massive volume of data.

With us we offer you;

  1. Cloud Back up and Disaster Recovery
  2. Data Protection with integration for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.
  3. Guidance on improvising data storage and availability in the Hybrid cloud.
  4. Expansion of availability strategy to the cloud with Storage craft and Veeam.
  5. Protection of Confidential data from ransomware.
  6. Data availability solution with Storage Craft and Veeam.


Cloud Back up and Disaster Recovery

Be it a man-made disaster or a natural data loss can cost billions for any business organization. So, to cope up with the fatal situation UNITECH has collaborated with few leading reliable vendors like Veeam and Storage craft with the motive to secure and restore your data when required. We assure you with secured and managed channel for your data storage at a competitive price. With the storage with Veeam and Storage Craft we offer you;


Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam virtually replicates and backup your data in DRaaS from the cloud. It directly integrates the hosted cloud repositories into Veeam backup support site. It is flexible, cost-effective and user-friendly.


Storage Craft

Storage Craft eliminates window back up but makes back up a swift process and store in SaaS.  It protects your Linux and Window system with one backup software solution.

It restores the documents from a point in time image backup. It creates a temporary virtual machine till the original system gets restored. It starts a restore option even before the disaster hits.

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