IT Project Management

IT Project Management

For a solid execution of an IT project it must be tactical, actionable, well-thought, planned and coordinated with certified and experienced technicians.

UNITECH offers a full suite of technology services to the business stated in Rwanda as well as abroad. With high energy and innovative mix of technology, tools and business process we deliver remarkable results. We truly have diversified capacity to deliver technology solution in any field. We work closely with clients and vendors to drive organization profitability, create competitive advantage and sustain business performance.

IT Project Management infographic

UNITECH project management includes

  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Complex and critical situation handling
  • Excellent IT skills and flexible approach.

UNITECH takes the following steps

Step 1: Identify client requirements.

Step 2: Plan project stages.

Step 3: Coordinate work with project team

Step 4:  Adjust plans to cater unforeseen circumstances

Step 5: Smooth facilitation of transaction from one stage to another.


With us you gain

  • Tactical, actionable and certified technicians in implanting hardware and software in a flexible approach.
  • Assurance of on time project delivery, within budget, and minimum interruption.
  • Upfront business portal with adaptation of advanced technology.
  • Protection and back up in Storage Craft or Veeam to minimize future data loss.
  • Versatile and optimum out of box solution.
  • Make use of project management software to evaluate client’s requirement and delivery.
  • Integrate the concept of project management to address IT challenges on local, national and international settings.
  • Application development, support and security.
  • Dedicated service desk with full project management with extended support.
  • Managing strategic and mission critical initiatives to reduce project failures.
  • Interim leadership and skill filling for all kinds of projects to overcome dependency issues.


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