IT Infrastructure Upgrade

IT Infrastructure Upgrade

IT infrastructure upgrade includes upgrading of existing hardware or software or purchasing new ones. Upgrading includes replacing and installing extra RAM, graphics processing unit (GPU), motherboard, storage capacity with addition of higher performing drives to existing servers or any hardware procurement or software procurement.

In this competitive world of business, you need to work smarter rather than harder. For this, you need to get acquainted with latest information technology, which we UNITECH will assist in. Opting of proper information technology would allow you to maintain a long-term relation with your clients and improvise your work efficiency. Upgrading Information technology does not include only hardware and software but also cloud computing, with 100% business security and expansion.


UNITECH serves you with

  • Includes upgrading (motherboard, CPU, RAM, GPU, Cloud service) the existing hardware or software or purchasing new software to meet the high-performance scale of your business.
  • Frequent monitoring and reporting of hardware and equipment condition.
  • Improvising network performance through network upgradation.
  • Recommend solutions which perfectly fit in entity requirement.
  • Offer complete Asset and digitalized asset management solutions.
  • Supply advanced and up to date hardware, leading organization to next generation IT.
  • Assist in configuring all the equipment.
  • 24/7/365 days after sale services.
  • Ensure competitive pricing.
  • Eliminate order mistake and enhance manageability with coordinated effort.
  • Expertise advice on ideal licensing scenario and contractual agreements for your entity.
  • Establish efficient software procurement process which is reliable, swift and simple to operate and understand.
  • Efficiently procure and manage your software possession.
  • Create roadmap and long-term strategy in generating long term profit from your software investment.