VoIP phone is reliable and functions with Internet connection making it different from the traditional phone. The traditional phone which we use at home comes under the category of an Analog phone, while our VoIP phone system is a fine example of digital transformation. The advanced VoIP system is cost-effective for it is cheaper than a conventional phone. The following are the advantages of using VOIP phone

  • VOIP is easily manageable.
  • The phone is convenient to use and has a secure facility to login to get a dial tone.
  • VoIP phone system is transferable and can be used while traveling. In this way, you can talk with your client and staff at a low cost.
  • Another flexibility of VoIP is its conference calling facility.
  • There is also hosted VoIP phone which has the feature of Auto Attendant, Find Me, Call Waiting, Fax Mail, Call Conferencing, Follow Me and Call Forwarding.

UNITECH is an expertise VOIP service provider who organizes and support your entire Phone and Internet issues aligning with the latest technologies at your workplace as well as at home.

We offer you ADSL2+, Annex A, ADSL2+Annex M, EFM, Ethernet IP-link line, NBN, and fiber internet as internet service in your business premises.


For your convenience, we

  • Provide you private IP network to secure your business.
  • IT Network consulting for network optimization, design, integration, project management and disaster recovery.
  • Proactive monitoring, diverse connections and fully managed internet solutions irrespective of business size.
  • Trusted Network Solutions like Network monitoring, Intrusion Defender, and DDoS Defender.
  • Connect network with Office 365 using the express route.
  • Provide security consultation for your network, email, and


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