Digital Marketing Agency in Kigali

Digital Marketing Agency in Kigali

UNITECH is inevitably in the as a digital marketing Agency in Kigali. We provide technical, strategic and technical development of your services and product and empower your business digitally. We with our proficient team adopt digital strategy tool, conduct organic research and make optimum utilization of social media to reach the audience at large. Our techniques are well investigated and our outcomes are proven.

“Digital Solution to accelerate & out stand your business”

Everyone is familiar with the traditional concept of marketing. Door to door selling, flex ads, banners, sub phones were the old approaches utilized by business but now marketing concept has embraced an evolution. In fact, a Digitalized evolution, where marketing concept is infused with the digital technology.


What is Digital Marketing? What makes the concept Online Marketing services stand out from the Traditional Marketing approaches?

A channel of promoting a product or services via one or more than one electronic media. It involves digital marketing strategies promoted through social media, internet, electronic billboards, mobile phones, radio channels and television.

For business seeking to reach out audiences, Digital Marketing has become mandatory for the consumers with the use of social media can access information at any point of time. Gone are the days of DOOR TO DOOR SELLING CONCEPT. Buyers today seek brands which are more trustworthy and get hold of their requirement up to their expectation mark.

What makes Digital Marketing distinct from the traditional marketing concept is it allows to make a deeper connection with the customers located all around the globe. There is a flow of two-way communication where the marketers can anticipate, create, coordinate with the customer experience in a flow of buying cycle. Deeper the connection with the client, higher will be the business turnover.



What are the strategies of Digital Marketing?

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is simply a process of optimizing your website. It makes your website generate organic traffic and incline your web site rank.
  • Content Marketing Strategies (CMS): Content in a web site makes the visitors aware about the services your business offer. It creates brand awareness, lead generation and traffic growth.
  • Social Media Marketing: Most approachable method to get connected with the customers and promote your business services and products.
  • Inbound Marketing: It attracts, closes, converts and delights customers by making use of online contents.
  • Affiliate Marketing: A commission based promotional service offered to promote another person’s service and product.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC): Another method of driving traffic to your website where you pay the publisher every time ad is clicked.
  • Email Marketing: Often used to promote newsletter, offers and deals, events to people directly.


How Do UNITECH assists in Digital Marketing?

As Digital Marketing is an important component for business growth, UNITECH takes full care of enterprise requirement, targeted market and accordingly formulate strategies to flow organic traffic to the designated website. UNITECH offers the following services;

  • Formulate digital marketing strategy to get the digital marketing right.
  • Create and manage all the social media profiles on behalf of any organization.
  • Build Social Media influencing strategy to outreach the business brand.
  • Develop Healthy Customer relationship via two-way communication.
  • Enhance the flow of website traffic through the electronic campaign.
  • Digital Marketing strategies that go beyond the primary knowledge of information technology, as well as above the secondary knowledge.
  • Tactical, actionable and certified marketing tools to reach customers.
  • Versatile and optimum out of box solution.

UNITECH offers more than the above-stated strategies to know more about the advance Digital Marketing strategies contact us at +250 788 310 105!