Debian Consultants in Rwanda

Debian Consultants in Rwanda

Debian is similar to Unix-like operating system and is a free software. It is the earliest operating systems based on Linux kernel. The software has access to several online repositories containing more than 51,000 packages. However, Debian only allows access to free software while the paid ones can be downloaded through the repositories. It includes popular free programs such as Firefox browser, VLC media player, Evolution mail, Document viewer and GIMP Image editor.



  • Supports Linux, kFreeBSD version 7, and GNU Hard.
  • Suitable for desktop environment such as CD images built for Xfce, GNOME, KDE and others.
  • Available in every local language besides American-English (there are 73 languages present in the installer.
  • Offers several installation methods including jigdo and BitTorrent.
  • Allows live installation of images for CCDs, USB with an option of desktop environment.



  • A Debian is upgraded to many minor sub-releases by using several methods. A single desktop can use network method or CD-ROM method.
  • Heterogeneous network can use same system to decline the maintenance cost.
  • Package include several connected tools presenting a well-maintained round system.
  • For improvement separate files are maintained, so one does not need to archive the whole source to make changes.
  • Has active bug tracking system for immediate reporting of bugs.
  • Debian packages are pre-configured.
  • Results in high-quality work throughout the distribution.
  • Availability of remote maintenance and user support from any level.


UNITECH consulting team consists of professionals who are readily available to assist your business with every updated skill required to design, maintain and deploy IT infrastructure. We offer consulting services to every aspects of open source environments like Ubuntu, FreeSBD & Linux inclusive of;

  • Designing & assisting Debian for every business.
  • Design Debian supportive applications.
  • Frame customized versions of Debian.
  • Bug fixing & packaging.
  • Periodic review on security & privacy.
  • 24/7 support team

Recently, our consultants have helped the business in the following ways;

System Migration: Before carrying out the migration process one needs to understand the legacy of both the system (new & old).  Our team has developed thorough knowledge of every system i.e Windows to Linux, for the smooth transition.

On-Site & Off-Site Consulting: Irrespective of your server location, we access them through our operating centers to address the issues.

Integration: We can integrate multiple platform i.e. even if you are using different operating systems with many variants, we help you design, deploy, and maintain multi-platform environment.

Virtualization: Implementation of virtualization helps in achieving business and tech goals and helps to identify the situation of the server.

To know more about the Consulting service in Linux, Ubuntu and more, talk to us directly through a phone call or send us a quick message.