Traffic Management

Traffic Management

UNITECH has a lot of vendors, and some of these include the suppliers of the traffic management technologies. It shares the expertise of this vendor fully. UNITECH has successfully deployed the technologies for traffic management in and around Kigali. As a result, it has been able to meet the needs of the transportation authorities and agencies in a way they want. UNITECH fully integrates the solutions, optimizing the operational system of traffic management from the first to the fourth.

The technologies that UNITECH provides have been certified by the Rwandan Government. The engineers of UNITECH are experienced in installing the technologies required in the proper function of traffic management.

The vendor of UNITECH also provides the following for effective traffic management.

  • Ultra high-resolution video and images for enhanced evidence recording
  • Versatile platforms, offering tripod, plinth, pole and gantry options
  • Full on-line integration with back-office software and hand held iTicket devices
  • Integrated real-time ANPR, automated red-light, head-way, average speed and speed enforcement

Some of the applications that UNITECH provides are window based, which present roadside camera generated speed enforcement files.

UNITECH believes that proper traffic management is a direct improvement to road safety. It also provides hardware and software components required to perform automatic number plate recognition. This software also detects license plates, images and other meta-data of detected license plates, which are available through built-in web-based user interface. The Back-office software that UNITECH provides can determine if there is a violation of an average speed, which can be encrypted and retrieved from camera. UNITECH also performs the following activities

  • Maintenance of traffic lights
  • Freeway and urban management systems delivering real-time traffic monitoring.
  • Queue length monitoring supported by early warning LED signage at freeway ramps.
  • Design, build and operations of specialized enforcement and customer management service vehicles.