Small Medium Business

Small Medium Business

From Banks, Hospitals, Education Institutions now a day are totally relying on IT networks for Business IT Service. From client handling, product delivery to payment options everything has been bounded by few clicks. Several small, medium businesses (SMB) and large organization find themselves locked in computer support service, therefore UNITECH exists to pull out IT supports to small medium businesses  (SMB) from several IT issues.

With the vision of IT service and IT support, UNITECH acts as a facilitator. It provides processing and storage data and information, installation software that monitors and maintains and enhances the organization work procedure. It also minimizes work time consumption of existing manual work. It also enriches a small business with several IT tools and gives new user experience taking it to a new level. As an owner, you will be introduced to new technology’s, which is an excellent example of innovative application by UNITECH team.

Modernization, optimization and sustainability of working system is what UNITECH installs in newbie business and in existing business by leveraging their efficiencies and breaking the barriers via improving their functional and non-functional aspects. UNITECH looks at the hardware and software of a small business to protect it from downtimes and data loss.

UNITECH assists and support small business in the following way;

  • Includes upgrading (motherboard, CPU, RAM, GPU, Cloud service) the existing hardware or software or purchasing new software to meet the high-performance scale of your business.
  • Frequent monitoring and reporting of hardware and equipment condition.
  • Improvising network performance through network upgradation.
  • Recommend solutions which perfectly fit in entity requirement.
  • Offer complete Asset and digitalized asset management solutions.
  • Supply advanced and up to date hardware, leading organization to next generation IT.
  • Host and Manage cloud solutions.
  • Provide Microsoft Office 365 packages with Microsoft Azure Managed Service.
  • Unified Communication, Networking service with business telephone and internet services.
  • Deliver IVR recording service to minimize the communication gap between clients and organizations.
  • Several wireless solutions consisting of hardware installation, on site off site survey, access point with repair and maintenance service with full wireless security.
  • Host, design website and conduct social media marketing along with digitalized marketing service.
  • Offer cloud storage platform with disaster recovery plans.
  • 24/7/365 days of IT consultancy and help desk solution.

For Business or service related queries please contact us or call us at +250 788 310 105!