Real Estate

Real Estate

Trends in service generating and receiving have completely changed. Neither the service receiver visits Real Estate premises nor do the Real Estate agents distribute sub phonies in street as service promotions. With the availability of Smartphones and internet service, more people are inclined to searching their requirements via the internet.

Technology has changed the mobility industry from the first computer hummed in an office to expansion of technology reshaping the industry. This expansion of technology is just the latest in the ever-growing real estate toolbox.

Taking the scenario in mind UNITECH has simplified the Real Estate market in the following ways:

  • Introduction of customized software in accordance with the requirement of Real Estate Agents.
  • Design, host, market Web page on behalf of the real estate agents.
  • Conduct SEO to give top ranking to the real estate agents on the world wide web.
  • Cloud service to maintain large volume data base of clients.
  • Mobile business services to maintain CRM with clients.
  • The discounted range of hardware and software to the real estate agents.
  • Protection of Confidential data from ransomware and loss.
  • Business continuity with faster restoration from backups.
  • Data availability solution with Storage Craft and Veeam.
  • Tactical, actionable and certified technicians in implanting hardware and software in a flexible approach.
  • Assurance of on time project delivery, within budget, and minimum interruption.
  • Optimize client management systems and hardware in both on and off-site.
  • Availability of Help Desk 24/7/365 days.

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