Non Profit Organization

Non Profit Organization

ngo-image-UNITECHTo achieve the 2030 target of Sustainable Development Goal Plenty Government, as well as Non-Government Organizations (NGO) or Non-Profit Organization (NPO) agencies, are being established. To promote social welfare and to be a part of UN Sustainable Goal, UNITECH has been delivering free IT consultation services (Web designing, hosting, web SMS) to its clients. It has been giving customized MS Office 365 packages to the NPO’s.

UNITECH has been giving its IT services to hospitals and healthcare. Lorient Health is one of the system design used by the health care for data management, accounting, and finance appointment scheduling, inventory management, reporting (PDF Reports), remote access and networking, backup and restoration facilities, prescription generator, invoice generator and for income and expense tracking.

We provide the following service:

  • Includes upgrading (motherboard, CPU, RAM, GPU, Cloud services) the existing hardware or software or purchasing new software to meet the high-performance scale of your business.
  • Frequent monitoring and reporting of hardware and equipment condition.
  • Improvising network performance through network upgradation.
  • Recommend solutions which perfectly fit in entity requirement.
  • Offer complete Asset and digitalized asset management solutions.
  • Supply advanced and up to date hardware, leading organization to next generation IT.
  • Desktop, Server and Application virtualization service.
  • Data Protection with integration for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.
  • Guidance on improvising data storage and availability in Hybrid cloud.
  • Technical, Managed, IT Security and Profile Management.
  • Control your data centres and back up time frame as per your location.
  • High performing servers as per resource requirement.
  • Availability for your assistance 24/7/365 days.

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