Local Government

Local Government

Government with Digital Services plays core role in developing a nation, so it is necessary for all local bodies to be transparent and accountable to its citizens. To simplify the requirement IT experts came up with an e-governance service concept where each government task got completely computerized. For further reformation, every year IT companies launch more simplified and efficient hardware and software to work smarter and effectively.

UNITECH steps forward for Local Government Digital Service Providing Services & integrates information technology service in the government sector to improve efficiency in work. It promotes e-governance with a view to maintaining transparency, accountability, and credibility.

Hence it assists the Local Government in the following manner:

  1. Provides necessary and required IT hardware and software (MS Office 365) to government offices at the best wholesale price with 24/7 after sale customer service.
  2. Provides web-based interface in the portals so that there is the easy accessibility of information by the citizens.
  3. Frequent maintenance service and IT infrastructure upgrading.
  4. UNITECH focus on helping government prepare detailed IT project reports, business IT process, re-engineering, change management, financial sustainability, technology expertise and implementation of the project in confidential and secure manner.
  5. Host, design websites on behalf of the government and take the entire responsibility of the websites (promotion and postings of the relevant article).
  6. Deliver necessary mobile devices with best network plans and amenities.
  7. Take the entire networking responsibility inside the office premises with 24/7 back up service.
  8. Provide training and seminar programmes to the employees for adaptability of new technology.


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