Health & Family Care

Health & Family Care

Health care & family care by UNITECH

UNITECH provides total IT solution to child care, aged care, family care centres in and around all provinces of Rwanda. No matter what is the size of your centres, UNITECH has a tailored package to suit the requirements. Whether the centres are run by an individual or by various individual’s UNITECH provides free IT assessment service to each of them before they hire its full service. In addition to this, UNITECH also offers outsourcing service to these centres in an objective to control its IT cost and increase efficiency as well as competitiveness.

Under the Age, Child and Family Care informatics comes expert, who have an extensive knowledge of age care centers holding strong clinical background, and who have a sound knowledge on the advantage of IT.

UNITECH provides the following service to the aged care foundation:

  1. Technology to support the nursing work process.
  2. Introduction to the use of Microsoft Office 365 packages.
  3. Facilitate the analysis of clinical data.
  4. Introduce software on the automatic collection of child, individuals and patient data.
  5. Implementation and training of new technologies at a reasonable rate.
  6. Provide connected communicative device such as PC, Laptops, and tablets with child development software’s (poem, music, learning, drama etc)
  7. Provide laptops, PC and other accessories device in all the centres.
  8. Support and design networking system at a reasonable rate.
  9. Offer telecommunication service of VoIP and IVR with virtual numbers “1300”, Toll-Free numbers “1800” with service of Call forwarding and Auto Attendants.

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