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Networking has improved education in several ways. It has helped students and teacher in both academical and technical front. Inclusion of networking study in curriculum has made it mandatory for every individual to have at least basic knowledge of its usage in both Academic front and Corporate World. With the use of wireless network students can access to wide resources and study material, submit their assignments, get instant access to educational information in any electronic devices, can grab full time individual or group learning opportunity, make use of audio or video tutorial classes and even head for distance learning education.

UNITECH, assists your educational institutions in the following way;

  • UNITECH delivers several required hardware & Softwares to school and universities at a wholesale rate.
  • It has array of reasonable laptops for educational institutes.
  • It offers software containing study materials, quizzes, sample question, and activities.
  • It also gives an opportunity for IT students (Universities student) to explore more in the IT sector by encouraging them to work as an intern with us.
  • Offers cloud service to maintain school & universities database and provide MS Office customized package for institutes.
  • Deliver technical assistance in managing IT, voice networking services and web designing.
  • IVR service or phone answering service.
  • Robust networking and connectivity to support scalability in education system.
  • Cloud technologies to manage and create best cloud platforms for research workloads and education.
  • Partnering with Educational Network to digitally transform the education system.
  • Conversion of traditional system to modern system to fully digitalize the education institute.
  • Repair and maintenance service for IT infrastructure.
  • 24/7/365 days of help desk service and IT consulting service.

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