Construction industry requires regular exchange of data and information between its project participants.  The information flowed includes task control, resources, material control, site design, data integration between clients, suppliers and the parties involved. In a Construction company one needs to keep a tab not only of people working in construction sites but also of employees in an organization taking care of HR, Finance and other operation departments.

UNITECH allows the construction industry to explore and make use of the IT sector in the following manner:

  1. Cloud computing allows the engineers to access the data and information from any constructing site.
  2. Installation of project management like re-radiating systems (IRS), distributed antenna systems (DAS), building information method to plan, manage, secure, pool in several resources and to execute the project with overall profitability.
  3. Mobile device management to connect with all the project affiliated staffs and to track down the work in progress from any zone in Rwanda.
  4. Quality bandwidth with high-frequency internet service at affordable rates.
  5. IT Network consulting for network optimization, design, integration, project management and disaster recovery.
  6. IVR recording service for call forwarding and auto attendance to connect with employees spread in several sites.
  7. Manage the entire business IT with infrastructure upgrading, back up and disaster recovery solutions for secure storage of data.
  8. Develop, Host, Design web sites for every construction company. We also take care of digital marketing and social media promotions.
  9. Our services are comparatively price competitive with 24/7/365 days of after sales service.


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